Dresdner StreichTrio

...a ensemble tone which might stand really alone in the trio landscape..


Naumann - Berger

Ernst Naumann (1832 - 1910) - String Trio D major op.12 (1883)

Wilhelm Berger (1861 - 1911) - String Trio g minor op.69 (1898)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 -  1750)


  • The Goldberg variations BWV 988

in the setting for string trio  of the Dresden string trio the original text
brought into line

works of Mozart and Schubert  


Beethoven string trio complete edition

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  • CD 1 - Beethoven String Trio op.9  1 - 3
  • CD 2 - Beethoven string trios op.3 and op.8

J. Sibelius, R. Strauss, Z. Kodaly, J. Françaix, Enescu und E.v. Dohnanyi


Works  by Heinrich von Herzogenberg and Max Reger


DVD Video

Johann Sebastian Bach - Leben und Werk


The CD appeared at the label Querstand from the publishing house  Klaus-Jürgen Kamprad, Roßplan 22, D-04600 Altenburg   Germany (Tel 0049 3447 3756/10  , Fax  .... /11). You can order the CD from this address or from Dresden string trio directly.